Ecocork - 1980 - Peeled cork tree


Alberto, our founder, as a kid growing up in Portugal uses Cork products all the time. its part of the heritage with cork tree's throughout Portugal. As kids they could peel off cork bark to make various things, boats, shock absorbers, plates, spoons, edge protection, even paint.


Alberto moves to Australia as one of few Portuguese Cork flooring installers & finishers. The concept of cork was used widely as a cork floor at the time but not many with the life experience like Alberto.



Moves cork flooring business to Gold Coast to again remain one of the only offering cork floors.


Cork starts to be used as an acoustic cork underlay product in Australia. Made into large rolls, 1m wide. Small amounts of supply arranged with a local importer. Most jobs originating on the Gold Coast & Brisbane.


First Australian major project with acoustic cork used throughout all floors of Gold Coast hi-rise, a building that at the time was searching for the highest specification available. Cork is still the only option that meets the high standards of this building.


Acoustic Cork underlay begins to be distributed also to Sydney & Melbourne for its first major projects.
2004 - kirra wave


``AcoustaCORK`` - Australia's first pure cork acoustic underlay is created. Container loads of rolls are still ordered via local Australian importer.


AcoustaCORK is now imported directly into Australia, reducing the costs and allowing the opportunity for more people to benefit from cork products.

2011 - yve


AcoustaCORK product is redeveloped using a better granular structure and range of densities to increase the acoustic performance of the product. AcoustaCORK begins to be used by many other flooring businesses in QLD, NSW, VIC & now Perth, WA.


Second major change for AcoustaCORK. Redevelopment and even further improvement including the option for AcoustaCORK sheets. This created further efficiencies for the product and a greater range of uses.

History - 2016


AcoustaCORK's massive demand in Australia begins to cause confusion internationally and adopts the international brand, AcoustiCORK rolls. The AcoustaCORK improved sheet version is still only available in Australia. The roll format is dropped from Australia.


AcoustiCORK improved sheets in Australia fast becomes the standard specification on almost all major projects Australia-wide and explodes onto the market. This forces further change, as the AcoustiCORK improved sheets are requested internationally but not accessible.

This forced the complete separation and the birth of what is now the most advanced natural acoustic solution, ecoCORK Acoustics, including underlay and ecoCORK Acoustics Australia. Remaining direct with the same Portugal supplier this now opens up further opportunities. The product goes through further improvements within the products density, thermal properties and fire ratings.

2011 - yve

History - 2019


GO4CORK wall corks, an already existing product internationally, begins its introduction to ecoCORK Australia. Small batches are sent over for testing and selection. Also comes to life!


First orders for GO4CORK wall tiles arrive into Australia. Interstate distributors for ecoCORK acoustic underlay are beginning to set up (NSW & VIC).
2020 - wall tiles


GO4CORK demand increases quickly, already included in many specifications for large community and residential projects including 5-star hotels.


Production grows as the demand increases. First 40ft order arrives including big stocks of GO4CORK Wall Corks and eCORK Acoustic Underlay ready for some key projects starting early 2023.
Ecocork History 2022