Central Peak – Luxury development, Hong Kong

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Central Peak is a luxury real-estate development located in the eastern zone of the island of Hong Kong. Set in the midst of a natural haven, this project covers a residential area of 181,000 m2 and consists of 5 blocks of 7-storey buildings and 19 villas. The project offers geographical advantages. Every detail has been carefully designed to create a comfortable environment in complete harmony with nature.

Alongside this objective, the project manager chose the Acousticork underlay, to provide thermal and acoustic insulation and impact reduction, thereby eliminating any noise-related disturbances. Fun fact, Acousticork is our little brother that inspired ecoCORK thermal acoustic underlay, about 3 generations ahead!

Underlayment: more silence and more comfort

To meet the high standards of acoustic performance expected in the project , a cork underlayment with recycled rubber was applied to the entire area. Achieving the mission of constructing a sustainable green building, and providing a living place with high quality and harmonized indoor enviroment.

Central Peak - Luxury development, Hong Kong
Material used Ecocork Hong Kong

Material used

The underlayment from the Acousticork range selected to be applied at the Central Peak at Hong Kong, combines specialised agglomerated cork, making it a product that is 100% recycled and sustainable.

It stands out thanks to its high performance in the reduction of the propagation of impact noise and thermal insulation, as well as its durability and ecological profile.