Go4CORK Plus underlayment receives International Green Collection Award

Go4CORK Plus underlayment receives International Green Collection Award

The award was given by Domotex, the flooring industry’s most important international event, which highlighted the high environmental sustainability of Go4Cork Plus underlayment.

Go4Cork Plus underlayment, supplied by Amorim Cork Composites – Corticeira Amorim’s business unit, which develops products, solutions and applications for some of the world’s most sophisticated activities – was distinguished at the Green Collection Awards.

The award was attributed by the organisers of Domotex, one of the flooring sector’s most respected trade fairs, that aims to highlight best practices in the following dimensions: “Ecofriendly Products”, “Healthy Products”, “Social Responsibility” and “Sustainable Production”.

This distinction reflects Amorim Cork Composites’ daily commitment to the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly products, while responding to the high technical performance requirements of a market as competitive as the flooring sector. The award also reflects Corticeira Amorim’s commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and its alignment with environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices throughout the entire value chain.

Go4CORK Plus underlayment receives Green Collection Award

The cork-based Go4Cork Plus underlayment, is a more sustainable choice from an environmental perspective, since it uses a 100% natural, reusable and recyclable raw material. According to a life cycle assessment conducted by the consultancy form EY, the underlayment’s carbon balance is -8.1kg CO2 eq/m², promoting carbon sequestration in the cork oak forest that is greater than the CO2 emissions resulting from its production.

In addition to environmental sustainability, the underlayment also stands out for its technical performance, ensuring greater durability compared to 100% synthetic solutions. Amorim Cork Composites recently conducted two tests – the Dynamic Load Test* and the Creep Test**, which have confirmed that cork-based underlayments are the best option to guarantee the floor’s performance and durability over a long period of time, compared to foam-based solutions.

By using cork in this type of application, it is possible to maintain the initial characteristics of both the underlayment and the final floor for much longer, guaranteeing a perfect balance between high performance and environmental sustainability.

* Dynamic Load Test: test conducted in an independent and certified laboratory.

** Creep Test: test conducted in the iCork Factory (Amorim Cork Composites).