Insulation Acoustic Underlay

With more benefits than just its acoustic performance.

Ecocork -Acoustic Underlay

Excellent Acoustic Insulation


Excellent Thermal Insulation


Good resilience, excellent compressibility and recovery


Extremely light and buoyant


100% natural, sustainable & recyclable

What is cork and how is it environmentally friendly?

ecoCORK Insulation Acoustic Underlay is simply the world’s best underlay, in every way possible. From its naturally and sustainable sourcing through to its ease of use, acoustic performance, thermal benefits, energy ratings and even the improved performance of the entire floor system. ecoCORK Insulation Acoustic Underlay provides benefits like no other underlay on the market.

Just like bark on a tree, cork’s natural protection and benefits translates into benefits for us and our environment, including the performance of the floor as well. It does this by being a complete insulation layer, filled with millions of tiny cells in a sponge like structure. ecoCORK is produced from a blend of specialised different sized Cork grains. These specialised Cork grains are then compressed to a certain density to maximize the products insulation and acoustic performance. This natural product is then made into sheets and installed with many different types of floor coverings. The main benefit of course, to provide a peaceful environment between apartments and improving the environment overall.

All of this whilst being non-toxic and the only true environmentally friendly underlay on the market. The perfect match to your new floor.

ecoCORK is also lightweight making transport and handling of the product on site easier for the installer. ecoCORK can either be floated over the sub-floor or direct stuck using a number of different methods and brands to suit many different floorcoverings. ecoCORK is available in a range of thicknesses to suit varying projects and can even be specifically created to suit your project.

Cork has always been known for its incredible natural benefits, including acoustics for the building industry. This is why Cork underlays are the preferred choice and installed regularly throughout entire apartment complexes world-wide. Cork, a sustainable product grown mostly in Portugal has always been hard to source to Australia, a country very far from its origin. ecoCORK, developed over 15 years in Australia, bridges this gap bringing the very best in technology and cork products from Portugal.

Range overview

Product Code Thickness (mm) Width (m) x Length (m) Cartoon size - Sheets / m2 Performance (Lnt,w)**
ecoCORK-MF3 3 0.5 X 1 100sh / 50m2 45
ecoCORK-MF4 4 0.5 X 1 80sh / 40m2 44
ecoCORK-MF5 5 0.5 X 1 60sh / 30m2 44
ecoCORK-MF6 6* 0.5 X 1 52sh / 26m2 43

*Special order **Based on average performance, refer to complete testing for different scenarios.
Additional thicknesses 7mm – 12mm available on project order.

Maqueta T61_Non Glued Laminate Floors


Glue down or floated
Maqueta T61_Glued Down Wood Floors


Maqueta T61_Ceramic or natural stone floors


Flexible tile adhesion

Cork oak tree CO2 capture

3.000 to 4.000 kg of CO2*

Forest carbon uptake

4600000 tonnes of C02 per year

17x more than its emmissions created by the activity value chain

40 to 60 kg of cork

80 to 60 kg of CO2 cork carbon uptake


Test Underlayment Sound Impact

The use of underlayments with many types of flooring product can provide significant improvements in terms of sound insulation and reduction, as well as thermal and walking comfort.

Listen to the impact sound without Underlayment and the impact sound with hard surface Flooring and Underlayment IIC = 50.

Click below to listen the impact sound without underlayment.
Click below to listen the impact sound with flooring and underlayment.
5-star review

Based on the Association of Australasian Acoustical Consultants (AAAC) ‘Guideline for Apartment and Townhouse Acoustic Rating’, ecoCORK rates as 5 star product!

Thermal / R Values & Fire Testing

Cork is another wonder in this field having the highest thermal performance per thickness than any other natural product and almost all synthetic products on the entire market.

The natural cells in the Cork bark provide the perfect and natural resistance to heat transfer, just like it would as bark on a tree to survive the Portuguese dry heat.

  • ecoCORK Thermal Resistance (R-Value) of 0.137 (0.137m2°K/W) EN 12667 - 0.3 per square inch
  • ecoCORK Thermal Conductivity l-Value of 0.0038 W/ mK EN 12667

ecoCORK Insulation Acoustic Underlay has also been successfully tested in accordance with AS ISO 9239.1-2003 C1.10

Other features

general icons_green05

Lightweight & Fast Installation

general icons_green01

Great feeling underfoot

general icons_green02

Non Toxic

general icons_green08

Available in different thicknesses

general icons_green06

Compatible with almost all adhesives

general icons_green07

For use under all floor types

general icons_green05

Improves performance of entire floor system

general icons_green01

Five star rating (AAAC)

general icons_green04

Stress Crack Protection

general icons_green03

Thermal Insulation

Physical and mechanical properties (ISO 7322)

Specific Weight: 150-200 kg/m3
Tensile Strength: > 200 KPa
Compression (0.7MPa): 30%
Recovery after 0,7MPa: > 70%
Durability: Lifetime of the building
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