Expansion Cork

To be cut into strips for use as acoustic and expansion stripping in horizontal or vertical surfaces.

What is expansion and why do I need it?

Many products used within the construction industry naturally expand and contract with the changes in the weather and seasons throughout the year. Higher humidity or drier periods can effect the movement of some natural products used.

For timber flooring, expansion Cork is a highly flexible natural product that can expand and contract with the floor. This lowers the chance of gaps opening up or boards lifting up from the floor. Expansion Cork can also be installed and finished nicely within the floor.

For more information on flooring expansion you can download this free data sheet.

Expansion Cork

Expansion Cork Sheet 12mm

This specialised Cork is used for expansion joins in construction and most specifically timber floors. Specific sizes of natural Cork are compressed together to allow for general expansion and contraction.

Sheets are 12mm thick, 940 x 640mm in size. Simply cut into strips to match the thickness of your product or floor. For use in between two surfaces or for around the perimeter. Cut to size, glue in place, sand and then finish or coat.

20-25lm of expansion Cork can be expected from one sheet at 12mm thick.

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