Pin board cork

Yes, just like you remember it, memo boards or pin board cork
but now with a lot more style.
Pro Tip: Use the GO4CORK Peel & Stick Wall corks for a simple DIY solution. Already adhesive backed and coated for protection.

Traditional Pin Board Cork

6mm thick, available by the full metre, or by the roll. Use for Pin Boards, memo boards, complete craft walls, dart board backing board and general hobbies. Also has benefits such as acoustic dampening and thermal insulation as it retains its warm nature.
Board Cork

Style Pin Board Cork

For a craft wall with a difference. Check out our range of decorative wall Cork. In addition to its natural look and feel, some can be used as a decorative Pin Board wall.

Cork Walls

Cork can also be used for covering walls. It provides acoustic and thermal benefits and with its ‘textured finish’ can become a stunning feature wall – almost like natural wood but not as expensive and easy to install. Cork retains warmth and is a budget-friendly sound-proofing material. Cork is eco-friendly and is ideal for kids’ rooms and nurseries. It can accentuate a wall in your bedroom or even bathroom, and to ensure its durability, there are plenty of finishes available to keep it in perfect condition..

Cork Floors

Cork flooring is amazing! It’s soft like suede, it has the insulating qualities and resiliency of carpet; it’s easy-to-clean and has luxurious appeal with its earthy colors and rich texture. The material is waterproof, and the natural waxy substance inherent in Cork makes it mold and mildew resistant, too, and it’s also non-allergic. Cork flooring is more durable than hard wood; easy to clean–just sweep and damp mop, which makes it totally perfect for any kitchen or bathroom where water or other liquids on the floor are a frequent thing. There are many textures and colors, so you can easily create funky patterns and creative looks with cork tiles on the floor. Cork is very durable and comfortable to walk on and less-prone to being scratched, which is important especially if you have kids or pets.

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