Our very own Cork tree. A milestone creation.

Our very own Cork tree. A milestone creation Thumbnail

Our very own Cork tree. There is a famous saying in Portugal that states, “If you want to look after your grandchildren, you plant a cork tree.” Cork is one of the most incredibly sustainable products on the planet, truly a gift from nature.

Cork is simply the bark layer of a tree, but a very special tree. The only tree in the world that completely generates itself. We peel the cork off the tree and turn them into beautiful products that’s also provide benefits for the spaces we use them in. They provide carbon negative impact, better air quality, thermal and acoustic benefits.

Peeling the cork off the tree is also essential for the life of the tree, so essential that if we don’t peel the tree, it would in fact die very early.

This first layer (the virgin Cork) layer, takes 25 years to grow. We then peel the tree and that allows the tree to grow stronger and bigger but also grow back a fresh layer of better quality cork, only 9 years layer.

We then repeat the process every 9 years for up to as much as 250 years on the one tree.

Back to Alberto, our founder with our very own Cork tree. We are going to plant it at a home in Portugal, but it represents more than just a tree. His smile represents the future that this tree provides and the long term better environment provided. It’s a milestone we will always look back on.

For ecoCORK and the founding family, it will be a proud day to peel the very first layer off in 25 years and will be very exciting to update you with its growth along the way.

Our very own Cork tree. A milestone creation